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24 to 48 hours … tops

Director of Photography overseeing photo shoot

So we had a recall on our computer’s hard-drive.  Had to drop it off to the shop.  I sat up until 4am the night before just trying to get as much stuff done online as I could.

“24 to 48 hours – tops,” said the Genius at the shop.

It was 8 days.

Frustrating, inconvenient, a nuisance, a bother. 
I was also quite productive.  
I got on with making stuff.  
I got on with taking pictures of making stuff.  
I got on with all that behind the scene stuff.
I made lists.  
Lots of lists.  
Sorted the wheat from the chaff. 
Considered timelines before they turned into deadlines.
Considered production schedules (me:  how long can I stay awake each night making stuff?)

And I was well supervised!  My fluffy companion made sure things stayed on track.  Although there was a stand-off over string at one point.  The computer is now back, all my photos are uploaded, my list is getting covered in dots and dashes, and squiggles and ticks, there’s an asterix here and an arrow there.  I love a To Do List in full flight!

All in all it’s been a busy week, one this little supervisor found quite tiring!




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