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A beam of sunlight – and a win!

The most amazing thing happened to me the other day, I entered a draw on the Temple and Webster blog for a fabulous prize … and I won!

That’s never happened to me before.

And it’s extra amazing because I really really wanted to win.  It’s a little original artwork by Julie Paterson of Cloth Fabric.  I’d seen her working on them on Instagram (@clothjulie).  I’ve been a fan of Julie’s work since I first noticed her in an Inside Out magazine way back in 2001.

It’s not because I’m a stalker or anything weird like that, I’ve remembered the article because it had a special impact on me.  It’s funny that only yesterday I prattled on with someone about my experience returning to study Fine Art as a mature age student and how I nearly crashed and burned in the first semester because it all went pear shaped and horribly wrong and I didn’t know what I was doing and *sniff* I didn’t think I was ever going to be good *sob* enough *sob sob*.  I’m pleased to say that after walking out at the end of my first semester in tears I returned with a *ahem* blank canvas for the next semester and went from personal highs to personal highs.

I digressed (what a surprise), back to the article, I think I went into study with a certain expectation about what art should be.  Clearly that was never going to end well.  Along came Inside Out and Julie’s story and it was like a beam of sunlight into my gloomy mind.  I was mesmerised by her beautiful raw and organic artwork …. painted on blocks of wood and branches of trees.  BRANCHES OF TREES!  What a revelation.  I quickly discarded the precisely sized linen on tight stretchers.  Everything fell into place.  I was in the right place.

I noticed a beautiful beam of early autumn morning sun falling on my new artwork the other day and immediately Instagrammed it.  As I sat there the sun moved so quickly I took more pictures as the beam tracked it’s way across the painting and down the wall and out the window.  It took all of 5 minutes and I felt really happy to have been right there at that right time to notice.

And the lesson from today is that if you keep noticing the little things then everything will be all right.


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