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A cup of tea and a magazine

You know what I did this afternoon?  I dead-headed the garden.  Then I did a Sudoku in the bath.  And tomorrow I might even make a cup of tea and *gasp* read a magazine.

I’ve been on such a crazy schedule for so long, I didn’t feel like I could ever take a break.  Catch my breath.  Stake the new veggies out the back.  Re-pot cuttings.  Find cuttings!  Walk!  I haven’t been on a walk for the sake of a walk for weeks!  I’ve crocheted my fingers into gnarly stubs.  And all I’ve wanted was the chance to sit still for a minute and do a puzzle.  Contemplate the garden.  Smell the roses.  Which, for the record, have come and gone while I’ve been beavering away inside.

Back to the magazines.  I’m a great gatherer and hoarder of beautiful design/interior/lifestyle magazines.  My favourites are stacked up in piles all over the house.

Love these colours!

One in particular is Inside Out.  I’ve been a fan since it’s first anniversary issue when my guy brought a copy home one day thinking it looked like something I’d like.  I’ve still go it.  And it’s a dream come true to see Crayon Chick in this current issue!  I’m pretty chuffed with myself!

And tomorrow I might even find that moment to sit and read it.  Bliss.

December 21, 2012 - 10:46 am

Frankie and Ray - Lovely! Enjoy the slow days, you’ve earnt them! xx

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