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A very portable business


We’ve recently returned from a quick and spontaneous holiday to our favourite Cambodia.  Given I am in the middle of my crazy pre-Christmas market schedule, a quick getaway seemed like the most bonkers idea ever.  Especially when we’d recently returned from a trip to Cuba.  So a compromise was a non-negotiable part of the deal.  I would keep making while we travelled and we set a daily quota of knot making for me to work towards.  I am a to-do list junkie and very task-oriented, so setting a daily quota was definitely the magic wand approach to keeping up with my making and still enjoying a holiday.IMG_2219





Did you know I make all my Crayon Chick products by hand?  I do.  Usually in my Melbourne-based home work space (or spaces as I take over the whole house in the 11th hour before a big deadline).  And the best bit about running your own business and keeping it on the very low-tech side is the fact that a lot of what I make is totally transportable.

With a little planning, WIFI, and a whole stack of space in a suitcase, I can pretty much take my making on my travels.  A few tools and materials on my lap and I’m good to go.  A Caribbean beach in Mexico?  Why not.  A riverside bar in Cambodia?  No worries.IMG_1629


IMG_1620 copy









My biggest ‘job’ on this last trip was making a million little knot beads for my Nautical Knot Necklaces.  They are one of my newest products and available online here.  I pre-dye the cord, knot by hand, string onto necklaces and delight in the deliciousness of them hanging in big colourful bunches. And it’s a great way to get to chatting with locals when you’re travelling. I don’t, however, recommend whipping out your craft in a foreign cafe if you’re the shy type!


Nautical knot necklace in navy, olive and gold copynautical knot necklace w text



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