Crayon Chick » An indie business of old crafts and new tricks, designer/maker, artist and keen on elevenses.


 I’m Michelle Harvey and this is Crayon Chick.
A creative design range of unique hand-crafted homewares and accessories featuring
old crafts and new tricks.

Crayon Chick was launched in 2009
as a way to explore techniques and materials
and showcase traditional artisan crafts …

… and to making beautiful contemporary design.

I have a background in Fine Arts which led to the realisation that
making things was my ‘thing’ and art will always be my leading source of inspiration.

I’m often asked where I learned my crafts.
I grew up in the country and we were very outdoors-y with lots of camping, boating and exploring.

Mum used to hand over her craft project and let me finish a row or start a new granny square.
School holidays were spent raiding the wool basket to use up the scraps in her stash.
Utopia was my Dad’s shed, full of all the bits and bobs to make anything you wanted.
I was even a Girl Guide.  Those girls could make anything!

Since then I’ve continued to find ways to use what I have at hand,
to re-purpose, to re-claim, to re-discover.

My product range is continually evolving
as I master old skills and unearth new materials.

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Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy a look around my work and my inspirations.