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Amelie’s Imagination

Kids With Crayons
Amelie has the most amazing creative output, and the most verdant imagination! And she’s very determined ‘the lady’ makes them exactly as she says. She’s 3 and a half! Here’s a set of 3 drawings she sent to be created into presents, 2 of them are for Uncles and one is for Grandma. Grandma’s is pink of course, her favourite colour and by some coincidence happens to be Amelie’s favourite colour as well!

I just love the descriptions her Mum sends me:
“This is a picture of Amelie and Uncle Mark jumping on the trampoline, here is the sun, here is baby Eloise in bed, and here is his girlfriend Mel who is cross and saying “Mark, you shouldn’t jump so high”. The footnote from Mum is that Mel is actually very lovely and doesn’t get cross!
“This is Uncle Scott’s house with a flag on the roof. This is Amelie and her friend in their tutus with flower magic wands and wearing crowns”.
“Amelie and her Grandma. Grandma is wearing her fairy wings. They are walking on a footpath with umbrellas. There are raindrops …. because it’s raining, and the ducks are on the pond eating their biscuits”.

May 27, 2010 - 10:18 am

Cat - Oh she’s a wonderful little Miss! I love the drawings and the way you’ve put them together too. xo

May 27, 2010 - 6:35 am

missnymo - really cute drawings:) I like your concept of making kids’ drawings into products.


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