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And then I found this artist in Santa Cruz …

How’s this for the perfect bit of inspiration for a Friday afternoon, I’ve just come across this amazing work by American artist Lisa Hochstein.  I love collage and these pieces are made with salvaged paper which is a practise close to my own heart.  Yes, I’m talking about my ever growing tower of magazines I can’t bare to throw out, for inspiration you understand, waiting for my own collage mojo to return.

All the images on this post are from her website:

“For decades I considered myself primarily a painter with a secondary body of work in collage. In recent years  this balance has reversed, though I find that my approach to collage is highly influenced by years of painting.”

There’s something quite architectural as well as painterly in these pieces which I find really appealing.  All that structure and colour is so satisfying.  Something to do with Things Laid Out Neatly, I suspect.

I don’t know how I found this site.  You know how it is, one minute I was on twitter and a few hop skips and jumps later and I’m here.  Go figure.  Yay internet!


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