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Another obsession sneaking up on me when I should be working

Mmmm, chickpea salad in a jar! You know I’m making this. After Magnolia Square, of course! I found this at The Kitchen.

And here’s another little obsession that has snuck up on me … food. To be more specific, foodies and their food ways. I love food and hate when an opportunity to eat a good meal is wasted by something ordinary or, worse, horrid. But I’m not a foodie. I experiment at home but the minute I need to prepare anything as simple as a tossed salad for company I freak out a bit.

I think it started when I was so excited about our new herb and vege garden and the thrill it is to go out with a pair of scissors to harvest something for lunch. I make a point of using food from the garden every day. And this led to a new visual project I’ve been playing with in the background, and that’s taking photos of my food. Which is, by the way, a fabulous way to literally watch what you eat without counting calories!
And then I realised the Photos You’ve Liked section in Instagram is mostly beautiful photos of peoples lunches. That’s a bit weird.
But it wasn’t until this morning’s crazy Google bookmarking session that I realised I may have stumbled on another obsession. Food.
So here’s a quick ‘paste and run’ of the food inspirations that got me thinking. And it’s only quick because I’m on a tight schedule this morning and blogging wasn’t on the list – oops! Tomorrow is the first day of the wonderful Magnolia Square and I have a squillion things to do to be ready.
See you there, and bon appetite!
A de-constructed cupcake in a jar – brilliant! Thanks to Kimberly’s comment below I can now credit this amazing bit of wonderful to My Cakies blog

Herb garden revelling in the morning sun!
My favourite breakfast – avocado and feta on toast – mmmmmmm – anything requiring a squirt of lime juice is fine with me anytime of the day.

November 17, 2011 - 9:36 am

one little acorn - Oooh – I love your foodie photos, so beautiful. Instagram is also a fave of mine – how did you do the link to your images online? Would love to be able to set that up, because I really do need more technology in my life – not! But it is hard to avoid, or resist with all these great things oline!
And… your new Crayon Chick shop is very cool. Well done.

November 10, 2011 - 8:59 pm

Anonymous - Love Love LOVE your choice for breakfast [drool]. I think the cupcake recipe you mentioned above can be found at
Wishing you a fabulous time frolicking at Magnolia Square. Happy Friday. Kimberly

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