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Another (roadless) trip

I don’t know, since I’ve become the Corporate Chick and fly to my destinations I’m no longer on road trips that involve endless hours on the open road, listening to a good talking book and salivating at the thought of another country town with a country town bakery and a tray of country town bakery baked goods, in particular a vanilla slice. I can’t seem to put my finger on it, but something’s missing in my new modern ways!

But if I was on the road trip then I’d be on the road right now, instead of in a great mad flapping panic trying to get as much done in every minute that I can. And on a very good note about flying instead of driving, I can crochet on the flight – it’s the little things that bring the most Hurrah’s to our day!
So this Chick is about to go back to her flap and this time tomorrow I will be in Adelaide, preparing for another magnificent Magnolia Square.
See you there.

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