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Sophie’s mum sent her autograph for a Kids With Crayons nameplate. I can just imagine the concentration Sophie must have taken to write her name so beautifully! This one matches one I did for her big sister, Eliza, did a few years back when she had just started writing her name, too.

I remember getting an autograph book one Christmas and was very keen on the idea of filling it with the autographs of famous people, mainly pop stars, and I would be just like one of the girls on TV at a Countdown recording, or a Partridge Family gig (David Cassidy – swoon). Growing up in a country town in rural NSW the passing by of singing families in hippy campervans was slim to say the least. I filled it instead with the autographs of the people around me, friends and teachers at school, every aunt, uncle and cousin in town, my mum and dad, brothers and sister, neighbours and the kids down the street. It seems looking back now to be the start of my appreciation of what can be found around you everyday, something I’ve developed further in my art practice, which in turn is how Kids With Crayons started – by taking something from our everyday and doing something special with it.
To think, if Keith Partridge ever came to town it may never have happened!


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