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AWOL … with hook

Hello Blog, I’ve been away, and I’ve missed you! I’ve been to faraway lands where every footstep was fascinating. I’m so inspired and enchanted and rested and restored.

We went to Vietnam. I’ve never been before, had no idea what to expect and I fell for it’s charms in exactly 5 minutes. I have a new destination crush!
I explored hidden corners, took unfamiliar roads, I was tempted by sounds and smells and sights and don’t think I smiled as much as I have the past month. We ate and we drank and we laughed and we chilled and we wondered and we met and we watched. I like to watch. I like to take the wrong turn and see what we find.
And I crocheted. As you do. I’m reluctant to transform my crochet into my Crayon Chick pieces because I have memories of where I was when I made these pieces. I just hold a piece and can recall the room, the noise, the food, the faces. Ah, thank goodness for Instagram when I eventually realised it’s a fabulous way to capture those moments. How much do I love Instagram!
And I keep a journal of each holiday. I love watching it take shape with words and memories. I love watching it swell with stuff stuck to the pages and curl in the corners and soften and bend. I jot random everyday moments which bring back my holiday more than a photo of a temple I could easily revisit on Google.
Instagram and journals and I’m a happy girl!
It wouldn’t be true to say I’m glad to be back but it is good to Get On With Things and hope I keep some of these inspirations close at hand.

March 26, 2012 - 11:23 am

Frankie and Ray - Ah, holidays….sigh. Nice to have you back though. xx

March 26, 2012 - 8:03 am

yardage girl - Brilliant pics ~ Vietnam is on our list of places to go too!

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