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Beyond the Black Stump

I didn’t quite get beyond the black stump but it sure felt like I’d got pretty close to it! It’s a good thing I love a drive in the countryside because I did a total of 2,693 kms of it recently. My technique for keeping sane is a collection of talking books, a mandatory stop at each town to check out the bakery and a coffee to go.

There is NOTHING like a country town bakery and I’ve taken it upon myself to evaluate as many as I can. I feel it’s my civil duty!! Everyone knows about the Beechworth Bakery in the north east of Victoria, but my current favourite is the Culcairn Bakery on the Olympic Way. They have the best apple slice with sour cream topping. Mmmmmmm.
The fact the country side provides such fabulous things to keep me entertained is a bonus. I come from a town which features a plane on a stick and I’m constantly amazed at how often things appear on sticks. But nothing takes the cake like Holbrook in NSW. It’s on the Hume Highway, a rural town at the centre of a vast farming and grazing region. An INLAND town halfway between Sydney and Melbourne. So what on earth is a submarine doing there!
Another bit of ‘stick’ magic!

Beautiful countryside iconography.
Countryside sophistication!

We had stopped at Molong for a lunch (at a bakery, of course) and this beautiful sky blue Chrysler New Yorker was parked in the main street. Left hand drive, white walled tyres, fins on the back. It was from the 50s and screamed all the gorgeous things I love about that era. I love driving in the countryside, you never know what you’ll find around the next bend.

Which brings me right back to the things that inspire me, like lovely old movies and I couldn’t tell you how many caravans I passed on my trip but each one made me want to watch Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez in The Long Long Trailer over and over again. It reminds me of my childhood. I grew up spending every summer in a caravan park in the bush, the same caravan park I visited along the way this summer. And on one delicious day, by the bank of the river with Dad’s boat pulled up on the shore and a whole stack of kids splashing around I realised we were all together, my Mum and Dad, my brothers and my sister. Just like when we were kids. It was a magic day, even the sunburn was like my childhood.
Nostalgia is a strong inspiration and I can’t wait to throw myself into this new year.

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