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Big Week Ahead

Gasp! It’s a sewing and button pressing frenzy in the studio. The smell of paint and glue is driving me barmy. Magnolia Square opens it’s doors on Thursday morning and I will be there at sparrows fart to set up. My plan is to have all the hard labour done by Wednesday morning (hahahaha, no seriously, I can do that) so I can spend all day wrapping and tagging and packing. Then I can swan around at the book launch for Handmade In Melbourne on Wednesday night. Doesn’t that sound like something a girl who has it all together would do?! I’m anxiously waiting for my copies to arrive. My first time in print and I’m so excited! The very lovely Caitlin from Pippijoe had her copies at the Sisters Market on Saturday and I got a sneak peak – eeee!


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