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Pantone colour of the year 2017 – Greenery

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Once again the Pantone Colour Of The Year 2017 is all over the internet, and once again I can’t help but see how well Crayon Chick fits in. Let me introduce to you Greenery.  A fabulously bold and vibrant colour.  The perfect colour to pop.  Planet Earth in a nutshell. The perfect colour for these times. The simple truth is this has been a favourite colour of mine for years and I’ve stubbornly insisted it stays in my range. Glad I listened to my heart. Now there’s a lesson for you!

This is the time of the year I’m looking forward and plotting and planning new styles, new colours and new ranges.  So keep an eye out on the socials for some sneak peeks.  Join the mailing list to get the first news on shop updates.  After looking at all these beautiful images online today I can hardly wait, I’m so inspired!  It’s going to be a great 2017.

You can find all the Crayon Chick goodies are available now online.

Top L-R, french by design
Bottom L-R french by design, sea of atlas


Styling with a nautical knot

img_2087One of my favourite products in my current range is the Nautical Knot.  A product whose sole purpose is to add that decorator’s flair and style to your home – just like staging a house flip.  Which brings me to another favourite thing of the moment … I just love those house flipping shows!  Which is all I’m going to say about that right now because if I get started this could be a very long post.  Back to the knots.

I love dotting knots around the place because #shelfie is the new black, don’t you know.  It turns out a lot of people on Instagram do to.  So I thought it was a good idea to share some of my favourites here.

The pictures below are all from Instagram and were taken by people who tagged me in their photos.  So many gorgeous flatlays, shelfies and vignettes showing my Nautical Knots.  How clever!

It got me thinking about creating a tag-along in Instagram.  I’m going to put the details in my newsletter.  Just for fun, of course.  I’m so inspired to create a little decorative corner of my own and I hope you are too.  Don’t forget to tag me (@crayonchick)!  And if you’re not on Instagram, then you can always share a pic on Facebook.  I do love seeing them in their new homes.

You can get your own Nautical Knot online now and start styling!









Pantone colour of the year

 As it turns out, Pantone have declared rose quartz and serenity as Colours Of The Year for 2016.  I keep coming across images every time I jump online and I’ve been delighted to see how well my Crayon Chick range fits in.  Who knew I was so on trend!

I found all the non-Crayon Chick images on Temple and Webster’s Pinterest board Colour – Rose Quartz and Serenity.  We’re a good match, non?

And of course all the Crayon Chick goodies are available now online!


A very portable business


We’ve recently returned from a quick and spontaneous holiday to our favourite Cambodia.  Given I am in the middle of my crazy pre-Christmas market schedule, a quick getaway seemed like the most bonkers idea ever.  Especially when we’d recently returned from a trip to Cuba.  So a compromise was a non-negotiable part of the deal.  I would keep making while we travelled and we set a daily quota of knot making for me to work towards.  I am a to-do list junkie and very task-oriented, so setting a daily quota was definitely the magic wand approach to keeping up with my making and still enjoying a holiday.IMG_2219





Did you know I make all my Crayon Chick products by hand?  I do.  Usually in my Melbourne-based home work space (or spaces as I take over the whole house in the 11th hour before a big deadline).  And the best bit about running your own business and keeping it on the very low-tech side is the fact that a lot of what I make is totally transportable.

With a little planning, WIFI, and a whole stack of space in a suitcase, I can pretty much take my making on my travels.  A few tools and materials on my lap and I’m good to go.  A Caribbean beach in Mexico?  Why not.  A riverside bar in Cambodia?  No worries.IMG_1629


IMG_1620 copy









My biggest ‘job’ on this last trip was making a million little knot beads for my Nautical Knot Necklaces.  They are one of my newest products and available online here.  I pre-dye the cord, knot by hand, string onto necklaces and delight in the deliciousness of them hanging in big colourful bunches. And it’s a great way to get to chatting with locals when you’re travelling. I don’t, however, recommend whipping out your craft in a foreign cafe if you’re the shy type!


Nautical knot necklace in navy, olive and gold copynautical knot necklace w text



Spring racing carnival essentials

Jetstar 22-23_Insider_Fashion Womens

I’m thrilled to share this gorgeous page from the latest Jetstar magazine with you.  When a photographer/stylist approaches you asking for a necklace to use in her shoot for her client it’s always exciting to see their work in print.

This beautiful page full of spring colour was created with a Spring Racing Carnival Essentials theme, and is all about a fashionable look at the elements needed to create a great race day look.

With a Crayon Chick Knot Necklace, of course!



Knot Necklaces ready for the new season



Isn’t this a fabulous necklace display?  My stockist in WA, Mr Sparrow in Perth, sent through an image from her beautiful shop of this amazing necklace display.   I just love it.  Of course the necklaces look best worn, but I also love laying them out in neat rows on my market table.

I’ve been very busy gallivanting across to Cuba and back and about to do a sneaky mini-break to Cambodia.  In between I’ve been building piles and piles of stock ready for the mad lead up to Christmas.  As I type this, I’m trying to ignore the rising panic that it will be all over in about 2 months time.  Gasp!  I have rope and tools packed for Cambodia because although it’s good to know I’m the type of gal who grabs an opportunity to travel when it comes, I also know I have responsibilities and from time to time compromises have to be met. Oh, being a grown up is hard work.

The necklaces have become streamlined and silvery since last summer.  This updated range features silver findings.  And I’ve kept some absolute favourite colours and snuck a few more in – because who can resist a colour palette.  Not me!

All the new season colours are listed online here.

I’ve also updated my Events page so you can keep an eye out for when I’ll be in your neck of the woods next.






Knot necklace yellow 2

Knot necklace in aqua 2







Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 7.32.03 pmI’m in a weird post/pre market Groundhog Day hump.  Last weekend I was in Brisbane for Finders Keepers and next weekend I’ll be in Melbourne for Finders Keepers.  I’ve spent all week getting over the wonderfulness of Brisbane, catching up on admin, getting my head into gear to do it all again so soon.  I’ll be spending all next week preparing for the wonderfulness of Melbourne, avoiding admin and getting my head into gear and not thinking I won’t have enough stock ready to take with me.  I predict Panic Stations!  It’s how I operate.  I should be used to it my now, I’m a very close acquaintance of the Last Minute Frenzy.

IMG_1392I’m enjoying my markets so much lately.  I’m really happy with my current product line and overwhelmed at the responses I’m getting.  Thank you to everyone who comes along and shares their enjoyment and enthusiasm with me.  Bringing all my work together for show and tell is such an amazing feeling.  I can’t quite believe I can make that much stuff!  I doesn’t feel like that at home.  I make one thing at a time and put it away when it’s finished to move onto the next thing.  I know that in the lead up to a market I take over the house.  Things don’t get completely finished and sit around in organised piles of Stuff To Finish.  Taunting me with how much I still need to do to be ready.  Every surface is covered in a temporary work station set up, and I can literally see all the balls juggled and held in suspension above my head.

IMG_1373Last weekend in Brisbane was also special for a little brag moment.  A national tv show did a quick broadcast from the market and my stall set up featured in the background!  I knew this aired because I started to get text messages, Instagram messages and Facebook comments from people recognising my work while I was out to dinner with my fellow market chicks.  That was a very special moment indeed!

To see my 15 seconds of fame, click on this picture to see some extraordinary iPhone video skills as I recorded from my tv!

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 5.22.46 pm