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Book Club

Love this! And here’s the real spooky thing, I have a great stack of books next to my bed all vying for my attention and the one on the top of the pile is The Tricking of Freya. Spooky because Freya’s grandfather, Olafur, fled Iceland in 1875 after a massive volcano eruption. I notice this a lot, things come into my circle of awareness and just connect with a whole stack of other things already on the radar. Spooky indeed.

Apart from the too-gorgeous-for-words photograph on the cover (sigh, I love a good cover) I’m also loving the story and building on my very tiny knowledge of Iceland and the people, their landscape, language and mythology. Pity I can only grab small bits of the story at the moment as I’m very busy preparing Mother’s Day fundraising orders and gearing up for the Stitches and Craft show. Yikes! I’d better stop swooning about my new favourite book and get back to it.
Image from Stitches and Craft show guide. Don’t you love the colours in this shot, I do!

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