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Book Club

My man is amazing. I get the best presents from him, like a great fabulous pile of shiny new novels to read. I don’t know how he does it but in the years he’s been doing this he’s never got a dodgy book yet. He seems to know exactly how to pick them. They always look good – something I love about my books, and the covers are always visually inspiring. Then, if it reads a bit like an SBS movie then he knows he’s on a winner. Which is really weird because if someone asked me what type of book do I like to read, my preferences are so eclectic I wouldn’t know where to begin. But I guess that’s why he’s my man, because he’s worked it out before I even know it myself. Must be love!

This one was a fabulously strange novel to read, a collection of connected stories. Olive Kitteridge being the connection. It took a bit to get my head around it but once I got going it was wonderful to just read and let the stories ebb and flow. The New York Times book review called it a ‘novel in stories’. How cool is that!
Now it’s onto some trashy light summer reading (with ugly covers), you know the ones, the cheesy chick-lit novels girlfriends like to share. The same girlfriends you’ll go with to see the movie when it’s made and released and we’ll have a drink or two and giggle our way through the picture and note all the changes they made and how we never imagined the heroine to look like the actor cast to play the part. But it’s all popular culture and I’m all about joining in!
Vive le proletariat!


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