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Book Club

Look at this deliciously inviting front cover … it looks like Don Draper (sigh) from Mad Men. In fact, reading it was easier with the fresh images of the 50’s in my mind thanks to my obsession with Mad Men – the fashions, the homes, the styling. Still revisiting the classics, this time it’s Richard Yates, the guy who wrote Revolutionary Road. A series of short stories published in 1962 that aren’t too short you couldn’t get into them. The stories are about ordinary people, just like the people I watch from the cafe window seat who walk by and I wonder ‘what do they do, where are they going’. People-watching would be my all-time favourite thing to do and I’m forever imagining people’s stories … why are they on this tram, where they are going, he looks like he might be a student, I love her outfit, did she make it herself, is she a designer …. If this is something you can spend hours doing then you’ll love this book too!


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