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Book Club

I always have at least one book on the go and thought it would be a fun project to document the books I’m reading. Like a catalogue! I love a list. And I love books. Is it wrong to be drawn to the gorgeous covers first? I think that’s one of the reasons I love my book shelves as much as I do, I like seeing all the books beautifully lined up with their colourful covers and the memories from when I first read them.

Women In Love by D H Lawrence, published in 1920, had me fascinated with imagining from my 21st century perspective the author and his ‘modern’ thoughts into that era. His notes on fashion and society, industrialism, feminism and modernism were all wonderful. The story itself was maddening! It took me ages to get through this word-heavy novel. The conversations were scathing and endless and the characters were emotionally demanding. I have to admit, even though there’s a time and place for a classic in a girl’s repertoire, I was drawn to the delicious cover more than anything else! Green is my favourite colour and the beautiful drawing with the coloured stockings had the book tucked under my arm for purchase quicker than you could say “I’ll take it”.

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