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Book Club – The Murrumbidgee Kid

Queen of Pearls, 1928

Of course I grabbed this book the minute I saw it at an airport bookshop somewhere in Asia. It called to me like a siren. I am a Murrumbidgee kid myself, and this book starts in rural NSW and moves to shady depression era Sydney in the 1930s and gives a fabulous insight to the life and times of early Australian theatre, vaudeville, film and radio. I was absorbed not only because it was an enchanting story (Belle is just marvellous) but because I want to discover when I get stuck into my beloved popular culture.

I felt a little link with this story not only because it starts on the banks of the Murrumbidgee, but because my own family history did a little roving during the Depression. And I even have a little link to those early theatrical times with my own great grandmother, a roller skater no less, who performed on stage.
I love this picture my mum has of her. It’s August 1928 and she’s wearing one of her skating costumes and has just won the silver cup for Best Fancy Dressed Lady at the the Narandera Skating Carnival as Queen of Pearls.
Isn’t it divine!

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