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Book Club

I love how this book came together. The Private Papers of Easter Jewel came about when Maureen Lindley read the facts of Eastern Jewel‘s life (a manchurian princess and a japanese spy given a death penalty for treason when she was 40) and wanted to bring life through fiction to a girl whose facts make her out be a one-dimenstional and thoroughly bad girl. Eastern Jewel is so frustrating! She craves freedom and won’t be pinned down by anyone, least of all a man. Yet she constantly contradicts herself by seeking men’s approval. I loved reading more about Shanghai in the 1930s, too. And isn’t the cover lush and gorgeous!

I was surprised to have been so taken by one of her final declarations (don’t worry, no spoilers here!). It reflected exactly how I was feeling about her at this stage and gave me much to think about. And based on this final statement I would be happy to keep the book on my bookshelf to read again some day.
“I have too much time to think of the past, to regret how many wrong roads I took in pursuit of an interesting life.” – Eastern Jewell, 1948

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