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Bowerbird Bazaar

Every now and then an event pops up on my calendar that gets me very excited, such as the Bowerbird Bazaar in Adelaide. It’s on this weekend and what’s not to love about it!

Firstly, obviously, the stallholders! I can’t wait to see what’s new with some favourites such as The Wolf and I, Klie, Sisken, Mytle & Moss and so many more, as well as people I’m dying to meet face to face after following them on Instagram and Twitter. I think that’s what I love about getting out and about, being able to put faces to names of people I’m already a fan of.
Next, I’m totally in love with the venue. It’s all old and rusty and worn and fabulous and authentic! The Queens Theatre, built in the 1840s, it’s the oldest purpose built theatre on mainland Australia. We’re talking national heritage. All that aged-ness, love love love.
Then. Most importantly. Food. Adelaide, you must have the very best food ever. If you’ve been following my stories for a while now you will already know how much I love a road trip, particularly a long road trip which involves a number of stops in country towns to hunt down the local bakery and treat myself to a local vanilla slice. Sadly I’m flying once again and miss out on the road trip and vanilla slices, which is a good thing in this instance as I’ll have more room for the glorious food available at the venue. My mouth is watering as I type this imagining my first Portuguese Tart. And the asian fabulousness in Gouger St. Mmmmmm.
Right, no more dreaming there’s work to be done! Lots of it!
See you there.

October 27, 2011 - 4:19 am

Ava - So love your products, I have one of your beautiful necklaces and also your natural jute garland. Now I know who designed it ,I can tell people ! Now following your blog xx Ava

October 26, 2011 - 6:44 am

Frankie and Ray - So much to look forward to! Any room in the suitcase? Have fun! xx

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