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Bright Star

Fanny, the nineteenth century fashionista reading a love letter from poet John Keats. Movie images from IMDB

Everything you could ever ask for in a movie I got today when I went with a girlfriend to a mid-morning matinee to see Bright Star. Wonderful! From the very first shot, an extreme close up of a piece of cloth being stitched, watching the point of the needle pass through the fabric and slowly draw the thread through I was instantly transformed into Fanny Brawne‘s world. I was the person pulling the thread and making the tiny stitches. Jane Campion has such a beautiful way of framing her shots. I could feel the fabric brush against my skin, I could smell the flowers in the meadow. So beautiful. And don’t even get me started on that gorgeous Mr Keats – sigh!

So in a word, would I recommend Bright Star? Absolutely! It made me want to stitch something. Anything. After I stopped crying that is. It was so incredibly moving I needed to hold the handrail as I left the theatre I could hardly see my feet on the stairs through my tears.

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