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Bubbles of delight

It’s been a big year, sometimes it’s tough to keep your head above water! I think my girls need a top-up.

I’ve had a long held fascination with things inside glass balls. Snowdomes! I love them, unsurprisingly. And this time of the year just brings all my deliciously kitsch treasures and delights out on show and I actually get away with it! Hoorah.

A girlfriend and I were backpacking in Europe, as you do, a million years ago when I picked this little lovely up in … well … Paris of course! It’s long been a favourite.

This little treasure has been with me for years and years. A little bit of christmas delight. In a dome. Deliciously kitsch and cute and christmassy. Meets all the criteria.
And this is everything I love about a snowdome, a surf scene with palm trees in snow. Love it! I’d die of delight if I found a goodie like this on holiday, alas I don’t have this, I found it at – you should check out the Morocco one if you look – priceless!
I’m such a fan of this girl’s fabulous artwork.

Snowdomes, 2007, oil on canvas, 143cm x 70cm
Victoria Reichelt

This gorgeous illustration of a Paris snowdome was found at Tea For Joy

And what about this bit of Etsy love by Aaron Marshall
Bringing my happy snowdome wanderings back home to Craftland …
Look at these beautiful glass baubles deliciously filled with ephemera and souvenirs of the year past. Is there not a more perfect way to stop and reflect. How beautiful are these? Kirsty at kootoyoo is a constant crafting inspiration and you absolutely have to make a cuppa and enjoy some time visiting her blog. I do! Genius.

December 19, 2009 - 10:53 am

Shelley Trbuhovich - oh michelle! love this post… a snowdome myself, but it is something i have never collected. of course, the paris one has stolen my heart! thanks. x
ps. you actually produced a little work for me (my mum bought it as a christmas gift) of a bird i drew in the 1970’s; it now holds pride of place in my toddler’s nursery. i’ll be getting more of my own kid’s art in the future. i love what you do!

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