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Burning the midnight oil – again

Get ready Melbourne, at 6pm this Friday the wonderful Finders Keepers will be open. And talk about back in style, it’s at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton. WOW! How fabulous! I love an exciting new venue and it doesn’t get any more fabulous than that.

So let’s see, opens on Friday. Tomorrow is Thursday. That means it’s only 2 more sleeps! For a normal person. Not a mad-maker-of-fine-and-lovely-crafts like myself with a chronic tendency to burn the midnight oil at the best of times, let alone in the lead up to a fabulous event such as this.
I’ve been working on some new pieces and I can’t wait to show them for the first time at Finders Keepers. Madly, it’s more crochet, but instead of the big industrial size hook and stiff unyielding jute that I usually play with, this time I’ve gone to the opposite end of the extreme with a teeny tiny pixie size hook with the finest cotton and floss. Eeeee, I can’t wait to show them! Do you like this little teaser from Instagram? I see linen yarn and teeny crochet rings. I wonder what they could be??
So for now the big question is, do I stay up for another hour and try to finish these jobs I’ve started, or is it pens down for the night and hope for an early start and a super productive day tomorrow?
I think the siren call of the doona might win this one. Burning the midnight oil would be more fun if I didn’t have to keep so quiet!

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