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And the year is in full swing. I thought I’d take a quick coffee break if only to give my poor old Janome My Style 16 a rest, it’s feeling unnaturally warm. Imagine if it clonked out! Quelle horreur! I bought it 25 years ago with my hard earned savings and it feels solid and heavy and not plasticky and I’d hate to replace it with a soulless new one.
So it’s taking a little mid afternoon break. So am I. But not for too long. Got to stay focussed and I will not get distracted with that pile of magazines over there, or the weekend newspapers still on the table.

I adore this image, I’ve had her in my visual diary for ages and have no idea where she came from. This style of 50s commercial art is one of my favourite styles and I’ve always had a soft spot for Pop Art.
Another image I’ve had in my visual diary for too long to know where I found it – I’d like to think it looks just like me (artistic license?) preparing my afternoon tea.
And here’s what I look like getting dinner ready!
And here I am entertaining friends. I found this image at one of my new favourite online distractions at Retro Chick.
And again in my sparkly kitchen full of fiesta ware and checkered aprons!
Wearing my favourite green skirts, of course!

And then I found this gorgeous little bit of nostalgic wonder at Winter’s Moon (isn’t that a cool name), bucket chairs exactly like the ones mum and dad had when I was a little girl. My brother and I had mini versions. Ours were grey and white and the dog especially loved being curled up on them, our gorgeous big adorable golden labrador called Rusty.
Now that’s a nice memory to mull over while I fire up the sewing machine for another session. Tea break over, back to work.
February 24, 2010 - 5:00 pm

Retro Chick - Glad to be an online distraction for you 😀

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