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Caravan Gorgeousness

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I love France. I love a bike ride. I love Le Tour! I watch the Tour De France each year and imagine that one year it will be me touring around France in a little caravan going from stage to stage to cheer on the peloton (I love the peloton!). I think I watch it for the faux travel documentary bit as much as the sport. I even like the dorky Taste Le Tour with Gabriel Gate! It’s like a little holiday, and after such late nights the mornings all feel a little like jetlag, just like a real holiday!

Which has led me to a lovely little Sunday evening wander through the gorgeous internet world of caravans and picked out a few I’d like for my imagined tour of France.
PS … Hello Mum and Dad! My gorgeous parents are currently in the bush, the outback, the back of Bourke, beyond the Black Stump, a long way away in their caravan. Hope you’re having a lovely time, it’s still cold down here so don’t hurry back! xxx

Above 2 images from

Caravan bird house by Moose Mother! Found at Beach Vintage.
Gorgeous vintage caravan toy at the lovely Lark of Daylesford!

Divine! Caravan jewellery by Victoria Mathews.
Betty Jo‘s “Convoy” found at lovely Flickr!
And it’s a little uncanny how each one looks like it would sit nicely in the gorgeous world of Mad Men. Which is another gorgeous opportunity to pop another gorgeously gratuitous picture of the gorgeous Don Draper!
July 20, 2010 - 4:39 am

Leah - Beautiful pics, I’d love one of those Vans!

July 18, 2010 - 12:43 pm

yardage girl - Hi Michelle – these pics are gorgeous! We are Le Tour fans here too, and as a result, a wee bit tired during July! Hey, I was happy to see your magnets in the latest Notebook mag – well done! Hope all is well with you. Nic

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