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Catching up




Boom! That was April and May!

I have had the craziest best time. Why do my lovely big market events always land on back to back weekends? It will be nothing for 6 weeks and suddenly – bam! – everything all at once. May started with a trip to Adelaide for 3 days of absolute fabulousness which is Bowerbird Bazaar. It’s so nice to return there, especially when I recognise customers from previous visits. And the following weekend it was off to Sydney for 3 days of total awesome at Finders Keepers with their record crowds! Followed by a leisurely (cough cough) 2 week preparation for Markit@Fed Square in Melbourne to recover from the previous events, rebuild my sold out stock and get on top of orders waiting patiently for my attention.  You guys are amazing and I’m so proud to have new things to share with you.  Your enthusiasm makes the 20 hour days I spend in preparation all worth it.






So you can imagine, with such an overwhelming market schedule and a busy online business, April and May disappeared in a flash of making.  Making making making. Stop for coffee. More making making making. My happy place! Except when the pressure is on and all the orders come in at the same time for the same thing. Then it’s a juggling act with many many balls in the air at any given time. Choosing a self-employed creative business was never going to be the easy way to earn a living. Believe me. If you’re thinking about it, be warned, you will never feel more overwhelmed or more out-of-your depth and bone-tired all the time than when you’re running your own show.

But you’ll never feel as exhilarated and proud of yourself, either!










I’m still  not exactly caught up … can you ever be when you’re the one doing it all? … and sadly I’m operating on the squeakiest-wheel-gets-the-oil method in combination with the-closer-the-deadline-the-more-gets-done method. I’m hoping for a few hours to squeeze in some playful experimenting because that’s when the magic happens. That’s when new ideas come to life in my very hands and I get all excited and obsessed and thrilled when I can launch them.




And then you have a moment, like at Markit@FedSquare last weekend, where the result of some of that magic-making is shown on the big screen over our stalls at Federation Square. Yep, my Knot Necklace, a result of playing around with my Dad over the summer, was up there on a screen as big as a drive-in theatre, bigger than Ben Hur. That was a pretty nice moment.





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