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*ch 1, dc in next dc. Rep from * to the end of time

I’m officially starring in my own version of Groundhog Day.  I’ve been so busy with the same old same old routines and who cares about routines, right?  And then I think that unless you’ve walked a mile in anyone’s shoes you never know, one person’s dull routine could be another person’s inspiration.  So I present my Groundhog Routine.

This has been my week:

  • exhausted from last big event, walking around in a fog and need coffee, lots of coffee
  • next big event only weeks away
  • stock take – what do I have left over from the last big event
  • make list
  • can’t be right, make another list
  • cull list because it looks too mad for words
  • build worksheet allocating a task to every hour of every day between now and big event
  • further list culling 
  • feel smug that on paper all will be well
  • goes pear-shaped on day 1 when unexpected order comes through
  • re-jiggle worksheet, it’s like playing tetris (…. gee, a bit of time out with a Sudoku puzzle and a cuppa would be good right now…..)
  • need a new list, this one is unreadable with all the scribbles, doodles, scratchings and add ons
  • finally a workable worksheet is telling me what to do and when to do it
  • oops, another order
  • urgent urge (chuckle!) to play with something new.  Us creatives are like that, all I have to do is touch something random and an idea jolts to life in my head and forces me to figure it out NOW
  • everything is at a standstill as the new idea comes to life
  • new idea is dodgy
  • obssessed with fixing new idea
  • worksheet needs updating, again
  • oh look, it’s Friday and I haven’t done anything yet
  • next big event getting closer, and now there’s another lined up after that
  • make list
  • repeat above
Are you like that?  I wonder how I ever get anything done.  Yet I am always with hook in hand and the only photos I take on Instagram are crochet ones because that’s all I ever do.  Prompting lovely Instagram followers to comment “Do you ever sleep?”.
My Groundhog Week in pictures:
The last big event, Finders Keepers at the divine Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne
 Preparations for Finders Keepers – otherwise known as The Great Easter Crochet-a-thon

Out of the house, away from the desk, running errands. 
Stuck in traffic, loosing a day pursuing a new idea.  
Something tells me the Comedy Festival is on.
Wonder at how people manage to fit lives into their, well, lives. 
They clearly don’t crochet for a living!
The next big event – Bowerbird Bazaar in Adelaide
Meanwhile, how lovely are the girls at Bowerbird Bazaar?!  They have officially declared Crayon Chick to be gorgeous!   Check their blog out here!  And that’s a free Big Smile from me to them!
And just in case you thought it was all glamour and cups of tea, here’s a late night iPhone shot of how it really is.  Crocheting on the couch, close to midnight, wine, late night tv, comatose cat on lap, worksheet telling me I can’t go to bed until I’ve filled my daily crochet quota, work stacks (always neatly lined up), trakkie daks.  
Keeping it real, peeps!
April 12, 2013 - 7:47 am

Morgan Wills - I LOVE lists! There is something about crossing things off that is just so satisfying! Have a great time at Bowerbird! xx

April 12, 2013 - 1:32 am

Frankie and Ray - You have a way with words, my friend! I laughed with you at your list. And keep at that new idea, it’s the icing on our donut. xx

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