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Change of plan

Even the cat knows life is nicer on the other side of the blind on a sunny afternoon in late summer

My plan for the afternoon went like this:

  • clean up the workroom from its post-market fallout (it’s a crafting ground zero in there)
  • sew in the workroom
My revised plan for this afternoon, as of 10 minutes ago:
  • crochet happy little hearts on the front porch catching the glorious late summer afternoon sun
Reasons for deviation:
  • workroom faces south, it’s cold, dark, has no view, and not even the cat wants to hang out with me in there
  • I have an order for lovely little hearts that must be filled and sent by tomorrow
  • I spent 2 very fun days at the Docklands with Finders Keepers without even a view of the outside
  • workroom is just too messy for words and I can maintain denial for a little longer if I’m not actually in the room
Reasons this will work:
  • I really need to make these hearts (see previous point)
  • lovely crochet is simply the best craft to have because you can take it anywhere with you, even onto the sunny front porch

I’m swapping this dark cold and messy workspace with no views …..
Afternoon office
….. for this bright sunny and totally happy workspace with plenty of views!
Sunny afternoon in late summer
March 31, 2011 - 3:07 am

Frockfarie - I just love that first photo, our cat is often in the same spot.

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