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Clean up

This week I replaced the sponge in my Empisal sponge bar following this tutorial from knittsings.  I’m feeling pretty darn pleased with myself, and capable.  Feeling rather capable.  It’s a good feeling.

It involved a rather hideous process of removing the old disintegrated foam.  Could well have done without knowing what was lurking within.  Sorry if you’re reading this while eating.

Of course it was all under the fluffy supervision of HRH.  Talk about multitask – can you see my photoshoot set up in the background?  All in a day’s work!  Thank goodness for a big table.

And naturally not being one to just stop at that I ended up cleaning the entire machine … and that meant pulling each and every needle out one by one to clean with metho (goodbye nails).  Hundreds of them.  Fiddly teeny tricky needles to go into teeny tiny hidden holes.  Hundreds. One by one. Tedious doesn’t begin to describe the task.  High patience?  You bet.  Needed moving forward?  Totally.  And now it’s all sparkly and shiny and so 1972!  I love the turquoise.

So that’s me for the weekend, how about you?

July 13, 2012 - 11:57 am

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