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Colour Combo du Jour: citrine and teal

Citrine and Teal

It’s another big weekend ahead with 2 markets on my radar. And after such a fabulous response to my work at Finders Keepers it’s back to square one making more things … which means putting together more fabulous colour combos which I love because it’s like painting, but with fabric and wool! I’m planning a big day with the hook tomorrow and I’ve got my palette of yarn all lined up and ready to go.

This week I’m really influenced by the mid-century modern combo of citrine and teal. And that’s just a good excuse really to throw in the colour ‘chartreuse’ – simply because it’s one of my all time favourite colours, and such a good word! Chartreuse! Isn’t it fabulous!
Isn’t it a bit Don Draper!
This is not another gratuitous picture, I’m just keeping with my colour combo du jour, honest, and it just so happens to be Don Draper (image from Unlikely Words).
And while we’re on favourites … I have a favourite word to type – weird, I know. But I truly love to type November. November. It just rolls off the keyboard like gently lapping waves on a big gorgeous lake. Yes, that’s probably sharing a bit too much with you, isn’t it. You see, I’m a touch typist and it really is a lovely word to type quickly!
So this Saturday is the first Sisters Market for the year – hurrah! And Sunday sees me on another road trip, this time to Ballarat for The Design Exchange. And you know how much I love a road trip …. nearly as much as I love a touch of chartreuse and typing November!


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