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Colour my world

I hear Basil is very proud of his mummy’s new necklace!

Meanwhile, it’s all I can do to make up my sketchbooks WITHOUT bursting into some colouring-in of my own. It’s almost too irresistible to have such beautiful, weighty, toothy cartridge paper with rich, thick and creamy pencils at hand (insert the sound of a lovely long sigh here).
Maybe no-one will notice if I just put one to one side …. and then maybe no-one will know if I just quickly do a few quick sketches, it is time for a lunch break afterall, so it’s not like I’ll lose any time or anything!

July 6, 2010 - 3:53 am

Susannah - These look divine Michelle – I’d want to colour in if I had one of those too! I don’t know how you can resist from keeping all of your goodies at home! We are still deciding on Annabel’s drawing, and I am now wondering since we leave in *gasp* less than 2 weeks, do you post to NZ?

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