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Crayon Chick at Magnolia Square

How gorgeous is this postcard for Magnolia Square! Thread and paper – two of my very favourite things. I am inspired beyond words. Which is a pity because this is not the time for inspiration to hit, this is time for action! Time for productivity! I need to fill those market tubs! In exactly 2 weeks I’ll be in Sydney for the launch of a new Magnolia Square at Paddington Town Hall and I can’t wait!

A new venue and a new label. Yes that’s right, I’ll be there as Crayon Chick! You will still be able to find out all about Kids With Crayons. Nothing will be different, just the banner above my head. You can still bring along a favourite drawing and I’ll be more than happy to chat with you about having it transformed into something special to keep.
Now it’s after midnight and the big question is … do I get some beauty sleep and be rested for a big day tomorrow, or do I keep plodding on for another hour or two???


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