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Deadlines … and chocolate

Still reeling from my enormous workload this season. I’m so very tired I’m afraid if I dropped my focus for just a second I may not be able to pick it up again. It’s kind of fun feeling part chick and part fembot!

Apparently Christmas is getting closer – sadly I can’t see the forest for the trees at the moment so the sudden appearance of Ollie the Nordic Christmas Pixy into my world came as a lovely surprise. We went to the Scandinavian Christmas Fair last weekend and came away with a stash of Scandinavian chocolates, as you do. I love discovering local food (by food I mean chocolate, of course!) when we travel and our haul felt like we’d been on a little holiday. Quite opposite to today’s horrid hot blustery day it was cool enough to wear scarves and boots which made it all feel quite surreal – winter clothes, christmas folly, foreign chocolate. No wonder I’m reeling.

And that’s where I meet Olafur, or Ollie to his friends. He’s propped up on my side table as a reminder to keep focussed because the biggest deadline of them all is right around the corner – Christmas!
And he’s a bit cute. And doesn’t mind if we eat all the chocolate.

December 9, 2011 - 12:46 am

Frankie and Ray - Ah, December….!

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