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Deja vu

I love it when I get to play with a favourite drawing again. Do you remember the gorgeous flower girl picture? Well this time around Sasha’s gorgeous mermaid and fairy drawing is transformed into the cutest little end of year presents for some very lucky kindergarten teachers. This time I’ve reproduced the drawings into smaller frames and I still think they are the sweetest little people! Too much fun!

And I thought I’d just share this drawing with you. An amazingly clever mum sent this ‘legend’ to me as a guide to understand the drawing. It never ceases to amaze me how deliberate kid’s drawings are. They may look a little out of control, maybe a bit of a fluke, but each time I ask a little artist what the drawing is I get the most amazing complex stories, which I must confess are just as adorable as the drawings. And you know, the kids are very sure of their drawings and will remember what each line represents no matter how random it looks. Amazing!

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