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Dewey Decimal Goodness

This gorgeous bit of Etsy love was found at chelebert 12 and it’s the most perfect digital print of a library shelf. Isn’t it fabulous! She calls this a piece of Dewey Decimal goodness. I love a library. You can lose hours in a library. And it’s so calm and quiet and ordered and neat. Not to mention all the stuff you can find there. Love it.

List of things to do today:

  • return library books
  • make things
  • hang out the washing

Nothing too taxing on that list. Wouldn’t want to think I’ve fallen into the trap of setting unachievable goals or anything like that.

I have another market coming up this weekend and there are a squillion things I’d like to have made by then. And a casual glance at my planner sends me into conniptions when I note March is only a few minutes away – gasp! – and there are a million things I still need to source, order, make – aargh – which means the transformation of my home into a warehouse will be nearly complete.
Possibly need to revise that List Of Things To Do.
Only a mild panic imminent. Will feel much better with a lovely cup of tea.
March 3, 2010 - 4:10 am

Michele@Sentimental Heart - I just stumbled across my shot in your lovely blog!
I am HONORED! Thanks!

February 28, 2010 - 1:47 am

frankie and ray - being a librarian in my previous life has me smiling at your post! is there no nicer spot to get a bit of calm? not to mention the books…

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