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Ding Dong The Bells Are Gonna Ring!

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Ok, I’m putting it out there, I’m MAD for a royal wedding. I’ve gone so far as to stay up to 2am to watch the wedding of Edward and Sophie – I mean who would do that??? I did. So imagine the delicate state of my nerves as I wait for Friday’s big event.

I’ll be in the middle of Magnolia Square which is nice because it turns out there will be one or two girls in the same boat as me – you know who you are! And it will be so nice to get all giggly and girly with other fans of an HRH shindig.
And in honour of the occasion I’ve put together some limited edition fun to add to my goodies. Come along to Magnolia Square this Thursday, Friday and Saturday for a royal wave or two!
Graffiti art in London by street artist Rich Simmons, found in The Age a few weeks ago.

A gorgeous heavenly snuggly pile of regal plushness found at Living Glam
Boots by Alexander McQueen found at More Intelligent Life
Fabulous bit of photography by Harold David found at Daily Imprint
The gorgeous girls from Leoni and Vonk have another label which I adore – have you checked out Reg Loves This, it’s wonderful!
April 26, 2011 - 7:57 am

Frankie and Ray - God, I’m so excited I can hardly wait! To see you at Magnolia Square that is….Jo x

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