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I do love an assemblage and how divine is this work! It’s called Selective Corners and it’s by Maurizio Pellegrin.

Distractions. My downfall. I’m so easily led. I can’t really absorb any new projects at the moment, but I’m doing my absolute best to put temptation firmly in my path. I can be really determined when I put my mind to something, unfortunately this little trait usually appears in the form of tasks I shouldn’t be distracted by. Such as my launch with all systems firing into a knitting project – a fabulous woolly cardigan that I absolutely must make now. And a tunic to sew, I have the pattern, I have the material (a fabulous bright red wool that I can’t wait to wear) and it’s been forever since I actually used a pattern to make a garment. All my recent sewing has been hand-drafted, or modifying existing garments, or my crafting goodies so I’m very excited about using a ‘real’ pattern.

But I will exercise some self-control, just like a grown-up, and focus on fulfilling my obligations first. Well, at least when I finish this row. That’s fair, one row of knitting, one order to fill, another row of knitting, some market goodies to put together, another row of knitting, time to put the kettle on. Yes, that sounds like a good plan for tomorrow.
I have always loved the fashion illustrations on sewing patterns. This fabulous pattern for a Mondrian inspired 60s dress came from So Vintage Patterns
Ah, the 60s, mod, hip, groovy and a little bit mad I’d say. I mean, how is a girl to function with a neckline like this! This is a sewing pattern, not quite like the one I’m about to make up, but isn’t she wonderful! I found her at So Vintage Patterns.
Gratuitous Mad Men shot! This time it’s Joan Harris and a fabulous red dress (played by Christina Hendricks, Joan that is, not the red dress!)
Meanwhile, I’ll be at Maribyrnong Makers Market this weekend and would love to see you if you want to pop by. The weather looks sunny and fabulous and I might just be wearing a red wool tunic ….. watch this space!
May 13, 2010 - 10:40 pm

one little acorn - Distractions are good sometimes, just to keep you creatively motivated and inspired.
Great to see you at Stitches and Craft Michelle. I won’t be able to make it this Saturday, but we will certainly bump into each other again.

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