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Don’s place

This post is pretending to share my creative process and inspiration when putting together new colour ranges, even though it looks like it’s an excuse to linger over my favourite show!

And at the end of the story, I have a newly created colour range.  Job done!  I think I’m going to call it Don’s Place.

Here is how it came to be …..

You know how I’m mildly obsessed with Don Draper Mad Men?  Well, the DVD box set of Season 5 was released in November and I think I may have been the first one at my local independent bookseller to buy a set.  I’ve been desperate to watch it ever since.

In 3 sittings this week we have watched the entire season and I’m even more obsessed than before!  It’s fabulous!  It’s styled at the height of Midcentury Modern (sigh).  It’s 1967.  The outfits!  The colours!  Megan!  Joan, my favourite!  And a tongue in cheek mention of Bewitched which is a connection I made a while back here in May 2010!  And Don *swoon*!

There’s a lot of action at Don’s new apartment in Manhattan.  It’s a dream-come-true set for any lover of  retro design and colour.  While sipping a sherry during one episode I started to doodle and take some notes (not all of them were DD loves CC, and practicing my new signature “Mrs Crayons Draper”) and before my eyes a favourite colour scheme came to life.  I saw chartreuse, citrine, teal, burnt orange – what a delight!

I need to wait for my local wool shop to open to fine tune the shades.  The orange needs to be less ‘pretty’ and more ‘burnt’ (artists, we’re all the same) and I’m not sure about the navy – I think I need to make up a garland and see.

I googled “Don’s apartment” and lo and behold the LA Times online has a story “Mad Men: The story behind Don Draper’s new digs”.  Clearly I’m not alone in my obsession!  The below images came from this article.  Check out the article here.

And OF COURSE I couldn’t leave this without a gratuitous picture of Don Draper … and I’ve allowed another favourite to join him this time.  Love ya, Joanie!  Image from the Mad Men website.

January 5, 2013 - 9:27 am

Frankie and Ray - Oh my goodness! I absolutely must catch up…and maybe try Bendigo’s Denim and Pumpkin for your blue and orange. Both colours I’ve been using for next Winter’s scarves. xx

January 5, 2013 - 9:11 am

that kate - How great. I stopped watching Mad Men in season 3 for some reason but I actually want to catch up with it after reading this post! Amazing colour scheme!

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