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Don’t forget to breath!

Lake-Medicine,-Alberta,-CanadaIt’s that time of the year, isn’t it.  Summed up in one word:  Deadline Stress.  Technically that’s 2 words, but it’s my stress and I can make my own rules about it!

Markets, orders, online activity, deadlines for next year’s plans and strategies, stocking up, ordering supplies before suppliers close for end of year.  And it all happens at the same time.  Every year.  So I don’t know why I’m surprised by it every year, but every year, without doubt, I am swamped by an avalanche of deadlines.  External deadlines and ones I’ve imposed upon myself.

It’s funny how we use Christmas as the deadline for all things in our lives.  Why do I need to fret about getting my windows cleaned in time for Christmas?  We are spending Christmas away with family so it doesn’t matter that they aren’t cleaned.  Why do I need to worry about the weeds in the nature strip out front before the 25th?  Why do I need to fret about sorting my photos before the end of the year?  I’ve got 20,000 on them on my computer, they are hardly going any where in a hurry.  And you know, there’s that nice delicious week between Christmas and the New Year where I can go to the hairdressers, do my tax and get around to a year’s worth of hand washing that accumulated in the bottom of the washing hamper.

Who said everything had to be done by the 25th?

Meanwhile, due to some secret squirrel Christmas stuff that I can’t reveal just yet (spoilers, sweetie) I’ve had reason to sort through some photos and this one stopped me in my tracks and literally made me be still for a minute and draw a big deep calming breath.  It’s Lake Medicine in Alberta, Canada.  This is the lake where we watched a mother moose and her baby swim across to the other bank.  I was there last year with my Mum and I will never tire of looking out over a body of water to beautiful mountains in the distance.

This is my be-still image.

This is my take-a-deep-breath image.  You can use it too if you want.  It works a treat.

Now, back to my orders!

January 18, 2014 - 11:41 pm

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