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Elevenses at Lillooet



This time last year we’d stopped for elevenses at Lillooet!

It’s a tiny town past Whistler in British Columbia, Canada.  Some fellow Australians had ordered a cup of tea and got a latte instead.  It was a drink order lost in an accent!

I was on a tour with my Mum.  We were the Golden Girls On Tour!  I can’t believe it’s been 12 months since we were there.  It was so long in the planning.  Especially for Mum, it was a life-long dream to visit the Canadian Rockies.  At the moment she’s with my Dad and they’ve just towed their caravan across the Nullabor and are out bush somewhere in the desert as we speak.  Talk about a contrast!

Of course I kept a travel journal and I’ve just been re-tracing our trip, day by day.

This time last year we’d just arrived and spent 2 nights in beautiful Victoria wandering through gardens and harbours and chinatown and museums.  We had a proper posh High Tea at The Fairmont Empress, if you don’t mind!

This time last year we had our faces squashed against the window of a bus so not to miss a single tree, stone, creek or waterfall.

This time last year we stood on the top of the world at Whistler and watched the gondolas drop over the edge and make their way to another peak across the way.

This time last year the mountains were getting higher and higher.

This time last year our wildlife count totalled a beaver dam (it counts!) and a squirrel.

This time last year we went through a town named Squamish.  Squamish!  I love it!

If you don’t keep a travel journal then start now! You must! All the little things are noted, like getting the giggles at a town named Squamish, that you probably won’t remember once the awe of the holiday passes. And re-reading that journal brings the holiday back, dare I say, even more than photos do!

This time last year we were about to reach the Rockies ……

victoria to whistler



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