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Etsy Love

Felted wool nesting bowls by Papever Vert
I’ve had time to take a big breath and smell the roses and what did I find … a total mess and chaos in my cupboards! How did that happen? I’m a very organised person with the right spot for the right things but have found myself scrambling through winter scarves amongst my summer tshirts. I am, afterall, a Melbourne girl which means my scarves are never far from my cardigan pile and often dragged out no matter the season. But this current state of wardrobe anarchy is unacceptable. A bit of Etsy browsing has me totally inspired to get organised. Next stop … IKEA!

Felt storage box by 0049Design

Fabric storage bins by Nestings

Wooden bowls by Sweet Liberty Prims

Wool felt bowls by Cose Dolci


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