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Etsy Love

Are these not the loveliest, most appropriate, bit of colour for my little studio workroom? A room where I invent, create, sew, draw …. I just want to touch those pencils! Which is hilarious to think my workroom needed any more colour. But it’s a little treat I feel is well deserved after my Week Of Lurgy.

This bit of Esty love is by 74 Lime Lane, 2 gorgeous photos on their way to Chez Crayon and I can’t wait, I know exactly the spot over my desk to hang them.

I’m hopelessly mad for photography. I’m your classic Wannabe, but can’t resist gathering and admiring images. I’m such a visual girl and always inspired by pictures. In the olden days before my blog-crush I used to obsessively horde print material and flyers and all sorts of visually lovely ephemera and surround myself with visual diaries and piles of torn out pages. I’ve relaxed my obsession (really, honest, sort of, sometimes) since having unlimited access to a computer and all that gorgeous beautiful memory space to fill with images. I have to wonder what other people even need computers for if not to fill with pictures!


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