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Feeling Figgy

Flickr, you figgy friend! This picture is by suttonhoo.


There’s not much more I could add to that to improve, really! I love figs and we have a new neighbour who knocked on my door this afternoon with an offering of figs from her fig-burdened fig tree in the backyard. They don’t eat figs! Hoorah! I do!
So I’m in a figgy mood tonight and am about to do something figgy.
This happens every fig season, and a quick browse to a post from last season is worth revisiting, I feel. Please excuse me if you weren’t that excited the first time you read this, but in approximately 8 minutes this will be what I’ll be doing in my kitchen this evening.
Hope you are enjoying your favourite fruit of the season.

peel and slice figs and try not to eat all of them at once
place in a pan with a knob or two of butter and brown sugar
slowly bubble away to a thick dark glossy sweet syrupy figgy bit of deliciousness
blind bake a sheet of puff pastry cut into 4 squares
pile the figgy syrupy mixture onto the golden puffed pastry squares
add a very generous, it has to be generous, blob of cream
recognise this is too irresistible to save for later and inhale the lot immediately
lick all plates, pans and dishes

A figgy Flickr find from Jim O’Connell

March 14, 2011 - 9:33 am

Frankie and Ray - You lucky girl! Can’t complain, we’ve FINALLY enjoying some white nectarines from our tree. Cut in half, removing the stone. Sprinkle with brown sugar and pop under the griller until the sugar caramalises. Serve warm with marscapone…or cream…or vanilla ice cream…

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