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Finders Keepers wrap and an Inside Out nod!

So I was at Finders Keepers in Sydney on the weekend …. !

It was fabulous!  I stayed with my best friend, I met so many friends of the blog/facebook/instragram kind!  I was pretty much overwhelmed with the beautiful stuff that was there and the new venue (Australian Technology Park) was outstanding.

And, my favourite bit, was meeting Lee Tran Lam of Inside Out.  I was a bit star-struck when I figured that one out!  She posted a photo of Crayon Chick goodness on her Instagram – and you know how much of a crush I have on Instagram.  I was thrilled!

Here’s her picture.


Inside Out is my all-time favourite magazine.  It was a thrill to have Crayon Chick products selected as Editor’s Choice in January, and it was a thrill to be listed in the Finders Keepers Highlights post on their blog today.

(blushing again)

Here’s my moment in the Inside Out sun in January!

A stash of my hoarded (obsessively) collected Inside Out magazines as pristine as the day I bought them!


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