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Floating Friday


Beautiful, isn’t she? Imagine how quiet it would be. Imagine the weightlessness. The space.


Feeling the ebb and flow, the gentle push and pull of the current. Hear the waves lapping. Floating. The white noise as water fills your ears and all you can hear is your breath. Your pulse.

Sometimes this is the nicest feeling, the calmest, the most gentle. Meditative. Breathing slowly … in … out. Stillness. Floating.

Sometimes it’s scary and out of control. Sometimes it can feel like you are at the complete control of things external, no matter how hard you work you just can’t grab a hold. Tossed around, without ballast, without anchor.

I’ve just been dallying around on Pinterest and came upon this beautiful¬†artwork and was taken by surprise at my reaction to it. Which is what art is all about, really, response. A little more reflective than I was prepared for. Maybe it’s the weather, it’s overcast and time for a cardigan. I’m not happy with the end of summer. It’s not here yet, but it’s on its way.

Hope you have a floaty Friday and a sunny weekend. x

Angel by Zena Holloway


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