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Full steam ahead

Fabulous Make Do And Mend war time girls founds at

It’s full steam ahead at Chez Crayon as I’m on the final leg of preparations for Magnolia Square this week. I’m stiff and sore and bruised and tired and just in love with how some of these goodies have turned out!

I’ve got a list a mile long so this is short and sweet today. I don’t why I always underestimate how long the packing and tagging takes but I do, everytime! Wish me luck getting through all these last minute bits and bobs.
Pocket Mirrors by Crayon Chick, currently responsible for some major bruises on the palms of my hands and a very stiff neck. Ouch!

August 3, 2010 - 2:59 am

frankie and ray - Can’t wait to catch up with you, and see your gorgeous goodies!

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