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Getting the news

Are you on Facebook?  I am.  And – usually – I feel pretty modern and zazzy and up-to-date as I flip through my pages, chuckle at the crazy antics my friends get up to on my News Feed, find out about events and catch the news.  Especially when I’m on the iPhone, how on-the-ball do I feel checking in as I make dinner, in between ads in front of the telly, waiting for my flat white ….

But there’s been a hiccup recently.  I thought I was in control but it seems Facebook (FB) had other plans.  It was only leading me on, cheeky bugger!  I feel let down, like the bubble burst, like I’ve taken off my rose tinted glasses, like the new car smell has worn off.

I won’t bore you with the technical bits and bobs, only to say all my pretty picture posted on my Kids With Crayons page from my desktop computer weren’t showing up on my mobile phone newsfeed.  Or my friend’s iPad.  There were feeds missing left right and centre!  Days and days later the problem appears to be solved with the installation of a new iPhone app.


It got me to thinking.  I work alone, I work from home.  I don’t have colleagues to keep me up to date, I don’t have the Big Corporate Workplace to keep my technological awareness current and where there was always someone to show me how to do something.  I just stumble across it and figure out what I need to know when the time comes.  Thank goodness for social networking.  Where would I be without Twitter?  To me it’s the replacement of the water cooler chit chat in an office.  And Facebook?  Where I feel I’m not really alone, where at any time in the day someone is posting something that is truly interesting to me – how did they know?!  And let’s not even get me started on by beloved Instagram …..

How do you keep up-to-date?  Who tells you what the New Thing is and who shows you how it works?  How do you keep relevant, aware and in-the-know?  Where do you get your news?

So my lesson shared today:  just double check your story is getting out there, I’d hate to think I was missing anything! And if you want to know about a new app for iPhone FB users then just ask me!

Time for a cuppa, I think.  That will never let you down.

May 28, 2012 - 6:58 am

Frankie and Ray - Well, thank goodness you found out! What a frustration. Lovely pics here! xx

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