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Golden Girls On Tour

I was apprehensive.  My Mum and I booked ourselves a holiday to Alaska and Canada.  On a tour.  With others that had probably retired.  It was a tour popular with retirees.  I was the youngest by far and was very worried about this aspect.  A group tour is not my thing.  Never mind, a holiday is a holiday and I was on my way to Alaska with Mum.  Tally ho!  We were like the Golden Girls, travelling to wild frontiers.  With name tags.

And it was fabulous!

My travelling companions were soooo interesting.  And so much fun!  Ready for anything and I loved them!  And not really retired folk at all, most of them would have been only 15 years older than me and that’s cool.  Dare I say, better than being the oldest by 15 years.  Who would ever want to go back 15 years to all those insecurities, and what-ifs, and who-am-I days.  Bleugh.

Glaciers, mountains and lakes

We travelled across the Rocky Mountains by bus and train – sigh, trains are the best.  And then, by far a highlight in hindsight, Alaska by ship.  Alaska!!!  By ship!!!  I felt like the intrepid women travellers of the early 20th century, those marvellous letter writing women shockingly referred to as ‘spirited globe-trotting spinsters’.  Or more recently, like my favourite Joanna Lumley in search of the northern lights in the arctic.

Fabulous Alaska by sea

I was 60 degrees north of the equator.  That may not mean much to most of you, but I’m a bit of a geography nerd and that was just a bit fabulous to me!

And my lasting ooh aaah moments include:

  • Glaciers!  Glaciers, glaciers, glaciers.  (Note reference above re geography and nerdiness.)
  • Sea Otters are so damn cute!
  • Bears, moose, whales, elk, stag elk, chipmunks and squirrels, pika (cutest little things you’ve ever seen), coyote, bald head eagles, spawning salmon.
  • Vancouver
  • preparing for high altitude (lots of water, people, lots of water)
  • high altitude
  • thunderbirds
  • my Mum in full leathers riding a Harley Davidson with a Canadian Mountie
  • Alaska
  • Glacier Bay National Park was hands down the best day of the whole trip.

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen some crochet action taking place, it wasn’t all salmon and beer.  Needless to say, anyone wanting a garland from The Crayon Chick Shop can rest assured there are plenty in stock for immediate shipping!

And for now it’s back to work.  Crayon Chick has a fully loaded schedule for the rest of the year and a delicious new stockist waiting for some goodies.

September 19, 2012 - 8:50 am

Desire Empire - Beautiful shots. Getting outside your comfort zone usually brings fab results.

I used your crocheted bunting on my daughter’s dessert table for her birthday party recently and it was a hit.

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