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Goodbye Google Reader

Are you ready, do you have a plan … Google Reader is about to leave us.

I love reading blogs.  And I have quite an eclectic collection to read and I’m always inspired.  And bewildered by how such a simple task of sitting down with a cuppa to have ‘just a quick look’ can take hours!  How does that happen?  One minute I’m with my tea and toast and the next minute the morning radio programme has finished and I can hear the postman making his deliveries and I’m still reading blogs!

I’ve decided to move to Bloglovin’.  And so far I’m lovin’ it!  Especially because it’s so easy to leave comments, so easy to follow, has a great iphone app, sends me an email every day with the latest posts and has introduced me to heaps of fabulous new blogs I never would have found otherwise.  I’m going to have to start getting up pre-dawn to squeeze all this extra blog reading time into my life.

And it was the easiest thing ever to import all my feeds.  2 clicks.  If that.

How do you keep up, do you have a regular day/time for blog reading or do you just randomly jump online when you’re procrastinating get the chance?

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